We have all heard the saying that Black men are packing in the private area but is this really legend or just another urban myth?

As a woman, you can’t even begin to decipher that question unless you have experience in between the sheets with a variety of men from different ethnic backgrounds.  The majority of us feed into the stereotype that our brothers are the biggest but we might be getting hood-winked.  Do we know for sure that another man isn’t just as endowed? 

I’ve had several “Is that it?!’ encounters on both sides of the fence so I won’t say all Black males are packing but there was one brother I met that should definitely be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  I’ll call him *Willy.  Although Willy and I only dated for a short time and never got it on, the size of his member is worth talking about. 

We were messing around one day and I saw it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was what my girls and I would call “anaconda” huge.   There was no way I was getting close to that!  I would rather give birth without an epidural then have sex with that!    It had pain, not pleasure written all over it.  

To date, there are only two well-respected studies commonly referred to in regard to size and in my opinion outdated.    William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson’s 1966 study and a 1996 study by Dr. Wessels both conclude that there is no significant size difference found among races. Source.

According to a popular report on this very subject, Kinsey data states that there is a slight difference between the Black and White male member size.  The data suggests that on average, a White male has a member measuring 6.2 inches long and 3.7 inches around versus the average Black male whose member is approximately 6.3 by 3.8 inches.  If your keeping track, that’s only a 0.1 inch difference.   However, Black males knocked it out the park when it came to regular or “flaccid” length at 4.3 inches versus 4.0 inches for White males. So it does appear that Black males appear larger at least at first.  


A pediatric nurse shared her findings on the internet.  She said when circumcising Black male babies, they always use the largest Plastibell(an instrument used in circumcising that comes in 6 sizes).  

“Already from birth, a Black baby has a larger penis. We always end up using one of the larger sized Plastibells. White babies are from medium to large. And Asian babies are from small to medium.” She said.


Based on that information, you can draw your own conclusions.  

Maybe we aren’t getting “hood-winked” after all!

*Names have been changed to protect identity.