So apparently today is #BaldHeadsBreakTheInternet day where women with low or no hair can celebrate all their short hair dopeness. I’m in. My journey through natural hair is 15 years strong and I’m 2 Big Chops in, so that means I’m a proud member of the #NaturalGirlsBeLike club. I average 5-10 beauty products to wash one lil’ head of hair, swoon over huge afros on IG and definitely had the eye sweats watching the Shea Moisture commercial that premiered during the BET Awards. However being bold and bald-ish came after a few hits and misses.


Tanya 1


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.12.35 PM

Here are 3 things I wish I’d known before the Big Chop, mixed with some of my fave looks y’all posted:

1. Find a good stylist or barber BEFORE you chop it off. @AishaHinds and her stylist are werkin’ it in this pic.

Both Big Chop times I had a slight crisis and did so in an “Imma do me” move. Both times my head looked a hawt mess. The first time it took me months before I got into a good stylist groove. So, for a bit I walked around with a very uneven, short afro. The second time I chopped off locs. I was lucky I had a boyfriend who graciously made an appointment with his dude. One ex-boyfriend later and he’s still my barber because he knows how to handle my head and costs WAY less than a perm.

2. Don’t be afraid to play with color, but do it professionally. That gold makes you glow @teespeaks_!

After Big Chop #1 I went to the local CVS and bought one of those at-home coloring kits. A few months later I was dealing with dry and damaged hair. Now that’s not to say you can never use them, if you do, just make sure you have a good conditioning routine at home.

3. Short hair, don’t care means LOTS of focus on your face. @_TrevonDyson your skin is FLAWLESS and I’m jealous!

So keep up with that wash, tone, exfoliate and moisturize routine. I’ve battled adult acne for the past few years and had long locs to sorta hide it. After Big Chop #2 I realized I had to make regular visits to a dermatologist. Now that I’m back on the Big Chop block I try to maintain a regular facial schedule at Aveda as well.

What are some of your favorite looks from #BaldHeadsBreakTheInternet and what are some things you wish you’d known before cutting your hair off? Tweet us @tvonetv.