Four Ways Rickey Smiley is Everybody’s Black Dad

by jhill1010

May 16, 2016

Black dads can be kinda old-school. And by old school, we mean old testament. They have some pretty strong rules that should be written in stone and never forgotten unless you’re ready for that fire: don’t steal, don’t cheat and whatever you do, do NOT lie to his face!

On the new episode of “Rickey Smiley For Real,” in which Craig is ALREADY living in the garage over some stupid stuff, rule number three gets broken BIG TIME after Rickey gets word that his son skipped school and blatantly denies it.

So what happens when you break a black dad commandment? Rickey literally gives a class on it in this clip as he goes through the Four Modes of Black Dad Anger.

1. Johnnie Cochran Mode —  Like a lawyer, Rickey starts picking Craig’s story apart — questioning timelines, alibis and accomplices like he’s on an episode of “Law & Order.” He even had Ms. Pat there like a bailiff, just to make sure Craig’s humiliation had more than one witness.

2. Interrogation Mode — Next up, an angry Black dad will assault you with a barrage of questions that are best addressed with short, direct answers from you — “Who takes care of you?” “Who makes sure you get fed?” “Who’s been cleaning up after you since you were a child?” Sure, the answer is obvious and a little silly but you BET not act like it unless you like walking funny.

3. Pimp Mode — Since you decided to act grown, it’s up to the Black dad to remind you of your place — primarily by reminding you how broke you are and that without his check, you’re basically a homeless vagrant eating up his all his pop tarts.

4. Beast Mode — Now, HERE’S where things can get sticky. Like most of you, we grew up fearing the belt or the brush. But that doesn’t mean it was right, even if we think we turned out OK. Growing up, discipline didn’t mean “time outs,” it meant beatings. And Rickey clearly says, that while some don’t agree, he is definitely going old school here.

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