You know your one friend who hasn’t seen one episode of “Game of Thrones” and is all “who’s that?” or “Ooh, why did he kill her?” and “why is there a dragon?”

Don’t be like her.

Especially, when it comes to “Rickey Smiley For Real Season 2” which starts May 10 at 8/7c.

So in an effort to stop you from being annoying, we’re pulling out the best of last season’s episodes to get you up to speed. (See Episode 1 Rewind here)


What You Need to Know: This episode had Rickey, his family and the crew all striking out to try new things. From assistants to getting over fears to co-habitating, the Smiley clan broke down a lot of barriers.

Best Dad Moment: Believe it or not, Rickey’s biggest parenting moment came when trying to get Gary to get over his fear of swimming. From inviting him to his pool to hiring a hypnotist to help Gary get in the water.

Work Drama: Rickey needs a new assistant and Da Brat and Gary acted like bouncers at a club and tossed out each and every one. They tried to keep it professional but when one applicant — who touted that she used to work at Hooters — came in with a halter top and bare mid-riff, the two just couldn’t take it anymore.

Home Drama: Malik and Craig are looking to strike out and start their own lawn service business — except apparently no one told them they would need a lawnmower. No need for Rickey to come in, Aaryn quickly pumps the brakes.

What Did Da Brat Do?: Turned straight red and hid under the table when one of the candidates for Rickey’s assistant openly flirted with her.

What Did Gary Do?: Mostly acted a damn fool, especially when Rickey SOMEHOW got him onto his boat. With Gary’s extreme fear of water, he damn near lost his mind when Rickey said heis boat couldn’t make it back to shore.

How Did It End?: After speeding in his boat and almost giving Gary a heart attack, they made it back to land.