You know your one friend who hasn’t seen one episode of “Game of Thrones” and is all “who’s that?” or “Ooh, why did he kill her?” and “why is there a dragon?”

Don’t be like her.

Especially, when it comes to “Rickey Smiley For Real Season 2” which starts May 10 at 8/7c.

So in an effort to stop you from being annoying, we’re pulling out the best of last season’s episodes to get you up to speed.


What You Need to Know: This episode is a great introduction to Rickey Smiley (as if you’ve never seen “Friday After Next”), a stand-up comic, radio personality, actor and, most importantly, the father and father-figure to five kids (Brandon, D’Essence, Malik, Aaryn and Craig).

Best Dad Moment: Got sneaky kids? Most parents would stop at just taking their phones. Not Rickey. He literally took Malik and Craig’s doors off the hinges and installed video cameras in their rooms so he keep an eye on them.

Work Drama: Da Brat, Rock-T, Juicy and Gary all say that Rickey is too picky when it comes to dating. But Rickey clapped back with the fact that they ALL must be “too picky” since they’re just as lonely as he is. Boop!

Home Drama: Rickey invited D’Essence’s boyfriend Landon to the Alabama State Game. Lovely, right? Wrong! What Rickey doesn’t know is that the couple is on the rocks (#messyinstagramphotos) and he just jacked up his daughter’s good time.

What Did Da Brat Do?: She threw a little shade at previous radio show co-hosts and sought out professional advice from her big sis LisaRaye. But mostly, they got buzzed at a hookah bar.

What Did Gary Do?: Gary crashed Rickey’s golf game dressed like a “Rubik’s Cube” and tried to play wearing his “all purpose shoes.” The good news, Gary actually sunk a ball before getting left on the course.

How Did It End?: Awww, Rickey hates Sundays because that means he has to head back to Atlanta for work and another week without seeing his family. But he kept a stiff upper lip and sends them off smiling. Also, D’Essence and Landon totally broke up.