You know, for only being three-days old, this week has already gotten off to a great start. We’re still loving that new Kendrick, getting excited for the return of Cookie and Lucious and now Faith Evans drops this little bit of sunshine on us.

Are you sitting down?

This Fall, Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans will be featured on a NEW album together called “The King and I.” Think of it like a hip-hop version of “Unforgettable,” the posthumous duet album wih Natalie Cole and her dad Nat King Cole.

Speaking to, Evans said “Today, if he was alive, I know, ultimately, we would’ve done something like this. But the way the stuff has come together, and the way I’m using his vocals, it’s giving the stuff new life, it’s totally different.”

Are you still sitting?

Evans not only plans to shoot music videos from the album but will perform live. So how, you may ask, will she incorporate her late husband?

One word: hologram.

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TELL US: Are you feeling the new album idea? How about the hologram? Should Biggie make a comeback or should we let the King rest?