Leeza (played by Erica Robinson) has just been dumped by her long time boyfriend after committing the mortal sin of . . . gaining too much weight. Bloated and depressed, Leeza has resigned herself to a life of bon-bons and re-runs until her friends, Jade (Skye Marshall) and Charlie (Leilani Smith), come to the rescue to get her out of the house and into a gym.

Over seven, hilarious and sexy episodes you’ll see these women laugh, fight and struggle with the idea of being happy in and out of your skin and just how far you will — or should — go for love.

Created by Carlton Jordan and Crystle Roberson, “Love Handles” originally premiered on YouTube, but seemed like a perfect match for TV One’s latest comedy series “Born Again Virgin” which also chronicles the lives of three black women going to extremes for love.