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TV One’s Daily News Program, is unapologetically black. It’s not an agenda. It’s an attitude. TV One’s Daily News Program celebrates us. Young. Old. Men. Women. Leaders. Followers. Churched. Unchurched. Urban. Rural. Main Street to MLK Street. As the first black daily morning news program, the show brings these voices and their real-life stories to television, spotlighting our struggles and triumphs. We feature the viewpoints of journalists, experts, activists, artists and everyday people. Especially everyday people. We will provide an easy opportunity for those everyday people to both shape and be part of the conversation through Social Media and other means. The mission of the Daily News Show is to celebrate and uplift, examine and critique the lives of African Americans. We welcome both debate and controversy in exploring a 360 degree view of the issues faced by our community. We clearly frame our stories in the context of what it means for our viewers and our community. We ask ourselves everyday, about every story: “Why should our viewers care?” “What will our viewers gain from the work we do?” “Does this story deliver on our brand promise?” We demonstrate this commitment daily by focusing on issues that are of high interest to our audience. We inspire and empower individuals, groups and communities in their own journeys to a better life. We will always provide a way forward with specific actions that will help us reach our goals, large and small. The Daily News Show will be the leading voice for the 21st century.


As a daily, live television news program, the hours can be long and the pressure will be high. Revisions to settled program plans occur almost every day, often at a moment’s notice. Work will be reviewed on a regular basis and candid feedback will be communicated by the Executive Producer and/or the Managing Editor, or the Network Executive in Charge of Production as appropriate.


The Producer conceptualizes and produces compelling segments for the Daily News Show, suggesting guests, gathering video, graphic and other assets. The Producer creates a detailed plan of the “beats” or elements of the segment, including the role of specific guests, facts and information to be delivered, the specific use, placement and timing of video, graphic and other elements in the segment. The Producer fills out the “Brand Promise” and the “Writer’s Check” forms for each segment. The Producer places the relevant technical information related to these elements in the show rundown. The Producer writes the tease for the segment to be used in preceding segments of the program, the lead-in to the segment itself and the wrap up for the end of the segment including any additional information for the audience such as internet (URL) or social media platform locators


• Pitch, conceptualize and produce segments, alone and with other team members.

• Develop ideas and sources for program segments.

• Take part in editorial planning.

• Daily awareness of breaking news, entertainment, politics, pop culture and music talent.

• Continually and effectively communicate with Executive Producer, Managing Editor, Senior Producer, Associate Producers, Broadcast Producer, Production Assistants, Editors, and graphic design.

• Responsible for teases and graphics selection, as well as pre-production effects and any other production element that serves to enhance the segments.

• Preview video and sound of segment elements.

• Troubleshoot and switch gears in a live news environment as required.


• Employs strong journalistic and ethical standards at all times, including under deadline pressure.

• Familiarity with daily news deadlines, live shot technology and execution.

• Ability to manage short and long-term tasks is essential.

• Self-starter, eager to work on a small team.

• Detail-oriented and able to work under pressure while adhering to multiple long and short term deadlines.

• Sound editorial and creative judgment are essential.

• Must have strong writing ability and strong ability to enterprise and execute story ideas.

• Must be up to date and familiar with trends social media, computer and mobile communication.

• Ability to accurately fact-check stories, sometimes at a moment’s notice.

• A deep understanding of good production and solid broadcast writing experience.

• Ability to generate story ideas and develop story projects.

• Must be organized, energetic, creative and detail-oriented.

• Strong interpersonal skills.

• Must be collaborative and able to work on a team or autonomously.

• Proactive thinker/self-starter.

• Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and successfully manage multiple assignments concurrently.

• Must be available to work late breaking news emergencies.

• Monitors the news, current events, publishing, music, sports, and entertainment industries, for cultural trends, for inclusion in the program segments.

• Knowledge of various research sources (web, print, film, tape, sound, music) with particular emphasis on expertise in using the web as a research tool.

• Familiarity with newsroom applications and standards is strongly encouraged.

• Fluency in English both written and verbal required.

• Must be punctual with dependable transportation.

• Ability to work flexible hours in excess of nine (9) hours per day required. Able to provide AM or PM shift coverage as needed.

• Ability to accept feedback with professionalism and make proper adjustments to work accordingly.

• Must thrive in high stress, fast pace environment.

• Legal right to work in the US.


A minimum of 5 years of experience in television (i.e. news, public affairs, morning shows, cable shows, broadcast TV, etc.). Must have a minimum of 2 years of producing experience. Experience in a national or major market environment strongly preferred.

Resumes are also accepted via mail.

Mail to: TVOne Attn:  Human Resources 1010 Wayne Ave, Suite 1000 Silver Spring, MD  20910