Season 1, Episode 1

Watch the first episode of Here We Go Again, the new hit comedy on TV One. Maddy tells her daughter to avoid the family curse of teen pregnancy, only to find out SHE is pregnant -- by her ex.

Freedom Dance

Turf dancing is a combination of breakdancing and locking with a lil’ bit of Krumping sprinkled on top.

Becoming the Change - Jewell Jones

At 20 years of age, Jewell Jones made history when he was sworn in on November 16, 2015 as the youngest person to ever sit on the City Council of Inkster, Michigan, a town nestled on the outskirts of Detroit.

Alton Glass

Filmmaker Alton Glass is "Becoming the Change".

I Eat Grass

Ayinde is a published author, public speaker and executive chef. His latest book “The Lusty Vegan” focuses on the relationship between significant others and the food that divides us.