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Living Single

What Next?

Alonzo asks Khadijah to move in with him, but she asks for some time to consider this major life decision. Alonzo refuses to relent, constantly sending her flowers and other gifts at the office. When another shipment of flowers comes in, Khadijah is shocked when the "deliveryman" turns out to be Scooter, who had been calling her almost daily for several weeks. He announces that he is in town for a job interview, and hopes to pick up where he left off with Khadijah. Khadijah is faced with a quandary when Alonzo and Scooter show up at her apartment at the same time. She retreats to the kitchen, and Alonzo follows her. She admits that she has feelings for Scooter, and that she isn't ready for the type of commitment Alonzo is seeking. They decide to break up. When Khadijah returns to the living room, she fears that Scooter has also left. However, he had only gone upstairs to help an eavesdropping Regine get her hair out of a vent. Khadijah and Scooter decide to begin dating. Max is suspended when she recommends that her wealthy client seek a pre-nuptial agreement (without receiving approval from the partners), and the woman's fiancé dumps her. She seeks support from Khadijah, who ignores Max because she is busy dealing with her suitors. Overton is furious when Kyle tries to dispose of a reclining chair that he had salvaged. Synclaire takes him to an all-night '70s film festival to take his mind off the argument. The next morning, Kyle and Max wake up naked in Overton's chair.


Living Single

Got to Be a Morning After

Kyle and Max must deal with the consequences of their drunken night together. Kyle manages to sneak Max out of the apartment without detection; but everyone becomes suspicious when they show up at the group's rooftop gathering singing the same song, and seem hesitant to insult one another. After Kyle returns to his apartment with Overton, he and Max each confess what has happened. Overton suggests that Kyle find out if what he and Max share is love or hate. Kyle asks Max to dinner, and she accepts. This horrifies Regine, as she fears that she would be left as the only target for all of Max's scorn and ridicule. She bets Khadijah, Synclaire, Overton and Scooter (who has found a job in New York) on the outcome of the date. Kyle asks Max why she is so reluctant to open up to anyone, and she admits that she needs to protect herself from getting hurt. She nixes a relationship with Kyle because she would miss their antagonism too much. They dance and have a nice evening, but Regine wins her bet.


News One Now (Roland Martin)



Rickey Smiley For Real

Rise Up!

D’Essence enlists the help of model Cynthia Bailey. Craig is faced with having to make a confession to Rickey. Gary goes to the race track to secure Rickey’s support for his talk show. Brandon considers a career in comedy.


Rickey Smiley For Real


Rickey surprises Malik with a training session with his favorite boxer with disastrous results. D’Essence prepares for the Miss Alabama USA beauty pageant. Gary gets reprimanded for being unprofessional.


Rickey Smiley For Real

Turning Point

The Smiiey kids are upset by Rickey’s social media post. Brandon reunites with his girlfriend. Gary finally films his talk show pilot.


What's Happening

Going,Going, Going

Raj has become the manager of a kid's song and dance group and believes that they're so good that they may have a chance to get on The Gong Show. However, once at tryouts, Raj discovers he has some competition, from Rerun.


What's Happening

Dee's First Date

Dee's is going out on her first date with a boy who's sister Raj has made into the object of his affection. His plan is to buddy up to Dee's boyfriend to get close to his sister. However, he quickly finds he has another thing coming.


What's Happening

Doobie Or Not Doobie - Part 1

The Doobie Brothers are set to put on a concert at the guys' high school and they leave Rerun to get the tickets. However, by the time Rerun gets to the ticket booth, they're sold out. Later, two shady characters offer Rerun free tickets if he just tape records the concert. It is only later that Rerun learns that they are bootleggers and they threaten Rerun, Raj and Dwayne if they don't comply.


What's Happening

Doobie or Not Doobie - Part 2

The bootleggers force the guys into tape recording the concert but while everyone is jumping around, the tape recorder falls out from under Rerun's coat and right in full view of the Doobie Brothers. After some explanations, the guys and the Doobie Brothers set up a trap to catch the bootleggers.


Good Times

JJ Becomes a Man - Part 1

J.J.'s 18th birthday has James and Florida in a fit when they find out they won't be able to give J.J. the art supplies he wanted because James' credit has been reduced to 0. After the birthday party, news hits the Evans family that J.J. has been arrested for robbing a liquor store.


Good Times

A Matter of Mothers

Willona's latest boyfriend, Jeffrey, has been showering her and Penny with extravagant gifts even though they've only been seeing one another for a couple months. Little does Willona know, that he is part of a plan to make Willona look like an unfit mother, a plan engineered by Penny's birth mother.


Good Times

Thelma's Brief Encounter

Thelma begins dating a man named Lloyd Williams, however, suspicions run rampant between J.J., Willona and Michael who become convinced he's married. However, J.J. makes a discovery that surprises everyone. It seems Lloyd is doing time in a half-way house, supposedly because he was once married to two women at the same time. Now the trick is to show Thelma, Lloyd's true colors.


Good Times

Florida Gets a Job

Both Florida and J.J. are looking for work but neither are having any luck. One ad, in the newspaper, for part-time work as a school bus driver sparks Florida's attention, but when Alderman Fred Davis becomes involved, it appears Florida may not have a chance, because one of his relatives is also applying for the position.


Good Times

Love Has a Spot... - Part 2

After Carl calls off his relationship with Florida, a furious J.J. confronts Carl, who makes up an excuse that a war injury in the groin is the reason why he's breaking up with Florida. Later, a drunken J.J. stays out all night with a drunken Carl, worrying Florida to death. Later, Carl reveals the truth to Florida and he proposes marriage and she readily accepts. Meanwhile, Bookman tries his best to get the Evans apartment re-painted, with the not-so helpful assistance of two lazy painters.


Good Times

Breaker, Breaker

Bookman has just bought a CB radio and to hide it from Mrs. Bookman, he keeps in the Evans apartment. Michael passes himself off as J.J. while using the CB and quickly discovers he's not the only one who's putting on an act. A girl he contacts who calls herself Fun Girl really turns out to be a paraplegic.


Sanford & Son

When John Comes Marching Home

Lamont and his fiancee, Janet are just one step away from the alter. However, a kink is put into their plans when after her wedding shower, her ex-husband John shows up. Meanwhile, Lamont has been having pre-wedding jitters and this just adds to them and Janet finds herself dealing with old feelings she thought had died long ago.


Sanford & Son

The Reverend Sanford

Trying to avoid paying property taxes, Fred registers to become a clergyman for the Divine Profit Church. He appoints Bubba as secretary and Woody as treasurer. However, when the Bishop stops by for a visit, Fred quickly realizes he's put his business in jeopardy thanks to some fine lines in the contact he signed.


Sanford & Son

The Will

Aunt Esther and Woody stop by for a visit and as usual, Fred insults Esther and she responds by promptly hitting Fred in the head with her purse. Apparently the blow to his head is so strong that it knocks him out and when he wakes up begins having memory lapses. This prompts him to make up his will and holds a will reading in the living room.


Sanford & Son

Fred the Activist

Fred wants a new stereo and tries to buy one on credit at a local electronics store. He soon discovers that they don't give credit to people over 60. This prompts him to take some action and befriends a rights group, The Gray Foxes and they begin picketing the store until they decide to change their policies.


Sanford & Son

The Lucky Streak

In order to keep The Sanford Arms, Fred and Lamont must raise $4,000 in a week. They begin to scramble and Fred turns to gambling. First he puts together a card game and plays against a hustler and then he makes a little trip to the horse track and bets on the horses. Finally, a trip to a casino ends with unexpected results.


Sanford & Son

Funny, You Don't Look It

Fred is tired of everyone walking all over him especially since he proclaims that he built his junk empire to what it is today, thus making him a king of an empire. Bubba suggests that Fred pay money to an agency to have them trace his roots. A couple weeks later Fred is in for a shock, he is a descendant from Jewish African kings.


Sanford & Son

Fred Sings the Blues

Lamont treats Fred to a dinner and a concert given by B.B. King. After the show, Fred wants to try to sell his songs to B.B., but fails, however, B.B. offers him a book about his life and why he sings the blues. This leads to an invitation for dinner at the Sanfords. While reading the book Fred panics when he reads the reason why B.B. sings the blues. He explains to Lamont that B.B. lost his girl in St. Louis to a guy who wanted to start a business in California. The girl's initials were EW (for Elizabeth Winfield).


Sanford & Son

School Daze

Fred has been neglecting Donna and she decides to investigate and soon discovers Fred has been leading a secret life, not even telling Lamont what has been going on. Donna is convinced that he is seeing another woman but they soon discover Fred is really going to night school to earn his GED diploma, which he never got since he dropped out of high school to support his parents.



You Belong to Me: Sex, Race and Murder in the South


Fatal Attraction

Hair Stylist Homicide

Jacklyn Miller and Richard Dickerson seemed to be the perfect couple and shared a passion for styling hair. When Jacklyn goes missing, Richard not only fears the worst, he works with family and authorities to track her down. But it’s only a matter of time before the investigation uncovers a series of lies, manipulations, and secret lovers that have detectives wondering just what exactly happened and who is responsible.


Fatal Attraction

House of Horrors

After being separated by circumstances for almost a year, lovers Carisa Ellison and Brian Wilson were ready to reignite their passionate romance and finally begin their life together. But when Carisa, Brian, and Carisa’s mother are found brutally murdered in their Louisiana home, local detectives launch an investigation that unfolds into a tale of vengeance, obsession, and betrayal.


Fatal Attraction

What Lies Beneath

When Tavia Sills, an intelligent student, meets LaMondre Tucker, the star of the football team, she knows their relationship could go all the way. But their love is intercepted when Tavia goes missing. And as detectives begin to turn over clues they discover a game of players who lie, cheat, and kill.


Fatal Attraction

Excess Baggage

Christie Neely and Shawn Southerland were a handsome power couple on an upward trajectory. But their bright future was extinguished when Christie disappeared without a trace.


Fatal Attraction

Hidden Homicide

Iraq War veterans Almanita Smith and Marcus Bailey seemed to be the perfect match. But on August 17, 2012 Almanita goes missing. Her distraught boyfriend tells investigators that he last saw her leaving with a man in a dark car.


Fatal Attraction

Jarring Jealousy

When Shadae Taylor-Brooks met Kevin Souffrant, a flame was ignited between the two of them. But their vision of happily ever after is crushed one somber spring night when Kevin is discovered shot 3 times and Shadae is shot dead in their apartment. The twisted investigation for justice that follows will lay bare the crazed heart and mind of a nefarious killer.


Fatal Attraction

Wrecked by Love

A tragic early morning car accident leaves aspiring rapper, David LoKeith Worley, horribly mangled and dead on the side of the road. But when a funeral director makes a shocking discovery as he prepares Worley’s body for burial, a call to police changes this from a tragic accident into an investigation of what could be cold-blooded murder.