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Al B. Sure

Known as the “New Jack Romeo”, Al B. Sure!’s debonair style and sultry vocals stole the hearts of girls of all ages. But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing; in recent years, Sure! has found himself at the top of the tabloids, thanks to troubled personal relationships and rumored industry beefs. Ready to set the record straight, Al B Sure! guides Unsung through his remarkable life story and musical career.


News One Now (Roland Martin)



Sanford & Son

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe

Grady has a a piece of juicy gossip and is just dying to tell everyone. It seems Grip, an old friend, dated Fred's late-wife, Elizabeth, prior to her getting married to Fred. Elizabeth and Grip had been intimate and Lamont is the result. Fred is convinced Grip is nothing but a "jive turkey" and Esther may have the answer to this paternity question.


Sanford & Son

Wine, Women & Aunt Esther

Fred and his buddies are down over the death of a close friend and Aunt Esther's over-reacting does nothing to help. Thus, Fred decides to throw a cheer-up party and intends to have it in the Sanford home, complete with booze, music and friends of Fast Fanny, a topless waitress.


Sanford & Son

Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle

Lamont is disgusted when he receives a traffic ticket for failure to yield on a right turn. Lamont is sure he did the most prudent thing for the situation and lets Fred talk him into fighting the ticket in court. Lamont is prepared to fight for himself but once in the court room he finds himself being represented ... by Fred!


Sanford & Son

This Land Is Whose Land?

While cleaning out the yard, Fred discovers some of Julio's junk on his property and demands that it be removed promptly. Soon, a feud erupts primarily due to Fred, who has a surveyor come over to determine where exactly the property line is. However, what is determined is not exactly what Fred had in mind and sets out to mislead Julio.


Sanford & Son

Fred's Cheating Heart

When a man stops by the Sanford residence seeking funds for a heart association, Lamont, finds out some interesting facts about heart attacks and decides to use the info to his advantage. The next time Fred has a supposed heart attack, Lamont doesn't take no for an answer and Fred ends up in the hospital for a checkup.


Sanford & Son

The Party Crasher

Lamont and Rollo are planning a double date and they have a plan to get Fred out of the house so they can have it all to themselves. However, Fred catches on and Lamont and Rollo must make do with the cramped quarters of Rollo's apartment, but they still have problems, the girls aren't happy with the entire arrangement, right down to the refreshments, that's when Fred steps in.


Sanford & Son

Lamont Goes Karate

Grady has been left in charge while Fred is visiting family in St. Louis and has promised to look after Lamont who comes home with a bloody nose, courtesy of Jo-Jo Jackson, after a fight over a woman. After taking a couple of karate lessons, Lamont goes back to the bar to confront Jo-Jo. However, a concerned Grady, decides tries to intervene.


Sanford & Son

Will the Real Fred Sanford Please Do Something

A woman, whom Fred once had a drunken fling with, stops by and becomes convinced that Grady is Fred. Grady is in shock and Lamont is no help trying to convince her otherwise. But Grady has an even bigger problem: The woman decides to hold him to the promise Fred made - marriage.


Sanford & Son

Tyranny, Thy Name Is Grady

After promising Fred that he will keep certain rules alive while he's in St. Louis, Grady tries to keep the house free of Aunt Esther's Bible meetings as well as not allowing Lamont and Rollo to have a party with a couple of fine ladies. In response, Lamont changes all the locks in the house when Grady goes out to a movie, however, Aunt Esther and the members of her Bible meeting become the next interference.


Sanford & Son

Aunt Esther & Uncle Woodrow Pffftt...

Lamont and Grady have an unexpected visitor show up at their doorstep and it turns out to be Woody, Aunt Esther's husband who has been thrown out of the house. Fearing that his marriage is over, Woody asks to stay at the Sanford residence but Grady is against the idea. However, things get worse when Aunt Esther decides to move instead and kicks Woody to the wind.


Sanford & Son

The Way to Lamont's Heart

Lamont's latest girlfriend, Judy is falling in love with him and likes the idea of settling down someday with the right guy. However, Lamont isn't too happy with that notion and makes up a lie that Grady is his godfather and they'd need his blessing. Judy moves ahead and goes out of her way to shower Grady with her attention.


Sanford & Son

Hello Cousin Emma...Goodbye Cousin Emma

Grady's cousin, Emma, has moved from Chicago to California and stops in by Grady and Lamont for a visit. However, the visit turns into a short stay, which is something Lamont is against from the very beginning. Pretty soon, it appears that Cousin Emma is going to stay for quite awhile and fakes illness to get people to wait on her.


Sanford & Son

Fred's Treasure Garden

With Fred in St. Louis, Grady has been put in charge of taking care of his garden. Grady quickly notices a strange plant growing and assumes that it's wild parsley. However, Rollo is convinced it's marijuana and Lamont decides to turn it into the police. However, when Smitty and Hoppy arrive, the plants are gone but Grady has made dinner for everyone, a nice big salad for everyone.


Sanford & Son

Once a Thief

Lamont's friend Herman has just gotten out of prison and doesn't have a place to stay. So Lamont invites him to stay at the Sanford residence. However, when Grady learns that he's an ex-con, he nails down everything in the house. Meanwhile, Lamont finds Herman a job at Esther's hardware store and doesn't tell her that he has served time.


Sanford & Son

A Little Extra Security

Grady is getting too many Social Security checks in the mail and he is contemplating on whether or not he should be honest about reporting them or not. He finally decides the latter and keeps them, gambling them away in Las Vegas. Aunt Esther hits the ceiling when she learns of the situation and just then a phone call from the Social Security office comes into the Sanford residence.


Sanford & Son

There'll Be Some Changes

Fred's friends Julio and Ah Chew are getting on Fred's nerves and Lamont takes on the challenge of trying to change Fred's bigotry towards minorities. When Lamont fails, he decides to move out and in with Julio, something that unnerves Fred who doesn't seem to get use to the arrangement.


Good Times

The Big Move - Part 1

The family is getting ready to move to Mississippi which is where James has gotten a promising new job. However, the family is waiting for the right time to tell Bookman the news. Later, Willona throws a going-away party but the happiness is interrupted by heartbreaking news that James has been killed in a car accident.


Good Times

The Big Move - Part 2

The death of James has J.J., Thelma and Michael overcome with grief and also leaves them wondering what is wrong with Florida, who hasn't cried once since she found out the news of James' death. During a get-together at the apartment after James' funeral, the kids plan to confront Florida, who is seen laughing and having a great time.


Good Times

My Son the Father

A father son dinner is being planned at Michael's school and J.J. is all excited about taking Michael to the dinner but when Michael breaks the news that he invited Carl to take him, J.J. storms out. Feeling as if the family no longer needs him, J.J. begins considering moving out on his own.


Good Times

JJ's New Career - Part 1

After losing his job, J.J. tries his best to find a job. However, when Bookman serves the Evans' family with an eviction notice due to late rent, J.J. decides to take a job offer from a couple of his shady friends. Meanwhile, Thelma contemplates dropping out of college to get a full time job and help the family out.


Good Times

JJ's New Career - Part 2

J.J. is in the money, now that he has a new job working with two friends in a gambling operation. However, little does he know, the gambling business also includes prostitution and drugs. Meanwhile, Florida demands some answers from J.J. and kicks him out when she learns what line of work he is now in.


Good Times

Rich Is Better Than Poor...

Florida, Willona, J.J., Thelma and Michael are all excited, having each purchased lottery tickets for the state lottery. Good luck strikes the family when J.J. wins the lottery, a total of $2500. However, the luck doesn't last long, that is until, Thelma's friend Edna shows up with her sister, Rozzie, both wielding pistols and demanding the winning money.


Good Times

Michael's Great Romance

Michael is in love with Yvonne but every time he's around her he freezes. When Yvonne meets J.J. she instantly falls for him thus creating a sibling rivalry between Michael and J.J. Meanwhile, Florida must cope with the two fighting siblings and tries to explain to Michael what he's doing wrong.


Good Times

Florida's Night Out

The kids feel Florida has been spending too much time alone and they decide to cancel their plans and spend an evening with her. But Florida surprises them all and goes out with Willona. Willona takes her to a local night spot where they have an exciting evening.


Good Times

Evans vs. Alderman Davis

Alderman Davis makes a visit to the Evans' household wanting J.J. to speak at his re-election campaign. However, when J.J. refuses, an eviction notice is immediately handed to Florida. Soon, the Evans family is caught between a rock and a hard place when they must decide whether or not to stand up for their principles and get evicted for it or support a political shyster.


Good Times

The Judy Cohen Story

J.J. is managing Michael's singing group and gets them a gig at a local tavern. When Florida learns that Michael may be performing in a tavern, she hits the roof and storms down there to put a stop to it, thus breaking up the act. While there, J.J. comes across Judith Cohen, an act whom he knows will hit it big, given the right exposure.


Good Times

Thelma's African Romance - Part 1

Thelma and her college friends are having a meeting to decide what to do about the school cafeteria, but things come to a head when the African exchange student, Ibe, starts making sexist remarks about "woman's work". They finally agree to have a picket, but on the day of the picket, the assistant dean ends up them suspending Thelma. Meanwhile, Thelma and Ibe begin seeing each other, resulting in Ibe asking her to move in with him.


Good Times

Thelma's African Romance - Part 2

Florida hits the roof when Thelma announces her plans of moving in with Ibe. However, things begin moving a little bit too fast when Ibe asks her to marry him and move to Nigeria. At first Thelma is all for it, despite, Florida insisting that she take time and go slow, but when Thelma discovers she may become part of a harem, she has second thoughts.


Good Times

The Hustle

Florida is in a terrible mood, and takes it out on the kids, yelling at them to get the chores done. A cheerful Willona stops in and makes the announcement that she's off for a relaxing weekend in Lake Geneva. After hearing this, the kids go into the underwear selling business in order to raise enough money to send Florida on a much needed vacation to Lake Geneva.


Good Times

A Friend in Need

When Florida's away for the weekend, J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party and try to keep it from Willona, who is keeping an eye on them while their mother is away. However, the party gets even wilder than they had dreamed of when one of the guests takes an overdose of sleeping pills and J.J. has to keep him from falling asleep to save his life.


Good Times

A Stormy Relationship

Michael has gotten a part-time job working for Carl Dixon at his repair shop. However, Florida is horrified to learn that Michael is harboring atheist attitudes planted by his boss. This leads Florida to confront Michael's boss and get to the bottom of the situation.


Good Times

Florida and Carl

J.J., Thelma, Michael and Willona are all excited with the prospects of Florida beginning to date. However, Florida is reluctant to dive into the dating pool but agrees to go on a date with Carl Dixon. Once at the restaurant, she gets into an argument with him when they receive terrible service leading to him walking out.


Good Times

JJ in Business

J.J., with the help of Carl, opens a greeting card business and has the entire family help with creating thoughtful greeting card sayings. However, when an accountant comes into look over the books, J.J. is in for a rude awakening, for he only has $68 in the bank. He finds this out just as he gets a huge order, which will cost him $2000. J.J. soon discovers that getting a loan isn't going to be an easy task.


Good Times

Breaker, Breaker

Bookman has just bought a CB radio and to hide it from Mrs. Bookman, he keeps in the Evans apartment. Michael passes himself off as J.J. while using the CB and quickly discovers he's not the only one who's putting on an act. A girl he contacts who calls herself Fun Girl really turns out to be a paraplegic.


Unsung: Hollywood

Cooley High


Unsung: Hollywood

Car Wash

Car Wash-- this breakout 70s film opened new vistas beyond Blaxploitation. Ironically, the studio backstory to the making of the film was fraught with tensions around stereotypes and race. The film featured an incredible soundtrack that director Michael Schultz used to make his "closet musical". Car Wash was a stunning success around the globe, especially at Cannes, where it was honored with two awards.


Fatal Attraction

Lethal Liaison

Cicely Bolden and Larry Dunn had just begun their sexually charged romance. Cicely had finally found the man she was looking for and Larry was beyond happy with his new lady. But when Cicely is found stabbed to death, the subsequent investigation reveals more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller.


Fatal Attraction

Feast of the Flesh

When Manny and Exondia first met, sparks immediately began to fly. It wasn’t long before the couple’s sensual romance blossomed into something more—they were soon having a baby and getting married.