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Rose Royce



Bone Thugs N Harmony

Exploding on the rap scene in the early 1990’s, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony revolutionized the sound and look of hip hop. Utilizing a sing-song style reminiscent of 60’s doo wop groups mixed with the back and forth rap style of Run-D.M.C., Bone Thugs rapped about poverty and struggle in a way rarely heard before. But Bone Thugs rise would be scarred by jail time, drugs, kidnappings, breakups and beefs with other rappers and their own record label. For all that, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are still standing and making music together two decades into the game. ‘Unsung’ explores the story of one of the greatest yet dysfunctional rap groups of all time.


Good Times

Cousin Raymond

Florida gets a surprise visit from her cousin, Raymond, who has hit it big and gives each member of the family an expensive gift. However, Florida is reluctant to accept her gift of an expensive three room apartment, when she learns just how Raymond makes his money.


Good Times

The End of the Rainbow

This final episode brings all too good news for the Evans family. J.J. gets an offer to a comic company, Keith's bad knee is miraculously healed and is offered another football contract, and Florida is asked if she wants to move in with Keith and Thelma in the fancy apartment building across town where Willona happens to be moving and she just so happens to be her future next door neighbor. Meanwhile Thelma learns she is pregnant and she reveals it to Keith and the family.


Good Times

JJ and TC

A tomboy who's been helping out Bookman, wants J.J. to ask her to a dance. However, J.J. thinks of her as just one of the guys, that is until he has an encounter with her at a seedy pick-up bar.


Good Times

Getting up the Rent

With an eviction notice over their heads, the Evans family scrambles to come up with $74 dollars needed for their rent. Despite Florida's opinion, James goes down to the pool hall to try to hustle some money; J.J. comes up with a scheme of his own and Florida and Willona go down to the welfare office.


Good Times

Black Jesus

J.J.'s painting of a Black Jesus, becomes the family's good luck charm after a string of success hits each family member. However, Florida refuses to entertain the notion that the painting had anything to do with the recent string of "good times".


Good Times

Too Old Blues

James is all excited because he's sure he's going to get a high paying job. However, at the interview, he learns that he's too old to join the company's union. Meanwhile, Florida and the kids get ahead of themselves and throw a celebration party for James unaware that he was rejected.


Good Times

My Girl Henrietta

Florida thinks it's strange that she has never met the often talked about Henrietta, J.J.'s girlfriend. So when she calls the Evans home, Florida invites her over for dinner. Meanwhile, J.J. makes an announcement that he has been thinking of asking Henrietta to marry him. This sends shockwaves through the Evans household, but things really get touchy when Henrietta shows up at the door, pregnant.


Good Times

Operation Florida

Florida has had a pain in her side for the last two weeks but doesn't want to see a doctor out of fear of the cost. However, when James learns of her dilemma he decides to pay any cost for Florida's treatment, even after he learns she has to have a gallbladder operation.


Good Times

The Family Business

Realizing his mechanical skills, Florida suggests that James open a fix-it shop but when they go to the bank, they're turned down for a loan. This leads James to set up shop right in the apartment, despite a clause in the lease and pretty soon Bookman begins nosing around trying to put an end to the family business.


Good Times

Junior Gets a Patron

J.J. is sure he's bound to make it big when he gets a patron in Leroy Jackson, who begins providing him with all the supplies he needs. However, when James discovers who the patron is, he forbids J.J. to be associated with him and J.J. responds by moving out. This leads to a confrontation at J.J.'s new apartment between James and Leroy.


Good Times

Sex & the Evans Family

Florida finds what she believes to be a dirty story called, "Sexual Behavior in the Ghetto". Assuming it to be J.J.'s, Florida confronts him, but she's in for a surprise when Thelma claims it and has an even bigger surprise when she learns it belongs to Thelma's latest boyfriend.


Good Times

The Family Tree

Thelma researches her family tree for a school project and discovers James's father is very much alive and living in the Chicago area. However, when James learns that Thelma has invited him as a surprise for his birthday, he refuses to see him. This leads Florida to discover the truth as to why James lied about his father still being alive.


Good Times

The Investigation

The family is being investigated by the FBI because they are suspected to be security risks due to Michael doing research about and communicating with a Communist country for a term paper. However, the investigating leads to James losing his job and J.J. suspects this is also the reason why he got fired from his job at the Chicken Shack.


Good Times

Lunch Money Ripoff

A small-fry extortionist bullies Michael into handing over his lunch and milk money on a daily basis. When the rest of the family finds out, turmoil erupts as they argue about how Michael should deal with his bully of a classmate.


Good Times

Florida's Rich Cousin

Florida plans on borrowing money from her cousin to help pay some unexpected bills. James's pride stands in the way causing him to storm out to a bar, leaving Florida to learn about the shocking news about her seemingly wealthy cousin by herself.


Good Times

The Politicians

A feud erupts in the Evans' household when James and J.J. take the side of Alderman Fred Davis during his attempt at a re-election while Florida, Thelma and Willona take the side of his young opponent. It seems Davis is a shyster who gets nothing done in the neighborhood, which is why she can't believe James would back such a loser.


Sanford & Son

Crossed Swords

Lamont buys a porcelain figure for $15 from a silent movie star and after having it appraised, Lamont and Fred decide to take it to an auction to make even more money on it. Fred and Lamont attend the auction pretending to be buyers so that the price can be jacked up higher. However, things go awry to Lamont's dismay.


Sanford & Son

Happy Birthday Pop

Lamont buys Fred a new hat for his birthday and then tries to take him out on the town to celebrate. However, a visit to a fancy bar, a movie theater to see Fiddler on the Roof and dinner at a Chinese restaurant are far from a celebration for Fred.


Sanford & Son

Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride

Engaged, Lamont is excited about his impending nuptials but on the wedding day he quickly finds himself the only one who is. The bride dumps him at the altar and he finds his relatives begging to get back their wedding gifts.


Sanford & Son

The Copper Caper

Fred and Lamont buy a load of copper from a man that has been stealing copper in the neighborhood. The man is late for a meeting with Lamont at the diner because he is ripping off the Sanford plumbing pipes, which he then sells to Fred and Lamont.


Sanford & Son

A Matter of Life and Breath

Lamont comes down hard on Fred to try to get him to quit smoking and has him go to the doctor for a chest x-ray. Later, the results are sent in the mail and Fred becomes convinced he has tuberculosis.


Sanford & Son

We Were Robbed

While cleaning the house, Fred knocks over Lamont's glass figurine collection. Trying to cover up the fact that he broke them, Fred makes up a story about how the house was robbed and how he fought them off. In the process, he is labeled as a hero and Fred takes advantage of it.


Sanford & Son

A Pad for Lamont

Lamont tries to have a quiet evening with his latest girlfriend, Darlene, but has little privacy thanks to an annoying Fred who keeps interrupting them. Fed up, Lamont decides to move into his own apartment, which at first worries Fred but then discovers he himself has privacy.


Sanford & Son

The Great Sanford Siege

Fred does not feel like paying his bills and he throws them in the trash claiming that they never arrived, dragging out the services for as long as he can. After doing so, Fred receives threats that say that they will turn off the gas, electricity, and other utilities, and repossess his furniture if he does not pay.


Sanford & Son

Coffins for Sale

Lamont purchases two coffins from an auction to try and get a profit if he sells them to a funeral parlor. In the process, Fred becomes paranoid by having the coffins in the house and refuses to sleep in the house with the coffins. Lamont doesn't think much of it, until he begins hearing strange noises at night.


Sanford & Son

The Barracuda

Fred proposes marriage to Donna Harris, a widow whom Fred is in love with. Lamont can't understand why a practical nurse in her 40's would be interested in a 65-year old junk dealer, and does his best to oppose their impending nuptials.


Sanford & Son

TV or Not TV

Fred wants a new color television set and Lamont wants a new car. The problem is that they cannot afford both of them, so Lamont buys the car. However, after Fred discovers Lamont's purchase, he comes up with a scheme that involves him pretending to have amnesia until Lamont will buy him a color television.


Sanford & Son

The Suitcase Case

While collecting junk, Lamont runs across an old suitcase and decides it could be worth something. However, once he gets it home, Fred makes a shocking discovery when he opens the case to discover that it is stuffed with money. Lamont wants to turn the money in and Fred wants to keep it and locks in a safe. Just then a gunman shows up wanting the money.


Sanford & Son

The Return of the Barracuda

Fred and Donna reconcile their differences and get back together with marriage being on both of their minds. Fred breaks the news to Lamont, who once again is dead set against the whole idea and decides that two can play that game and cooks up a scheme to stop Fred and Donna's impending nuptials.


Sanford & Son

The Piano Movers

A wealthy man wants to get rid of a grand piano and Lamont gets a great deal on it. However, the big problem turns out to be moving it out of the man's apartment.


Sanford & Son

The Light Housekeeper

After Fred gets a minor injury from a car accident, Lamont and Fred seek to find a maid to help out around the house. After looking, they get what the agency has at the bottom of the barrel. However, the erratic white woman does nothing but add to Fred's pain.


Sanford & Son

Blood Is Thicker Than Junk

Lamont is fed up working with Fred and quits the partnership. He soon finds a job down the street at a rival junk collector's business. Meanwhile, Fred looks for another partner and finds one in Norman, whose first contribution is a stuffed bear.



Bad Dad Rehab

Winner of the 2015 American Black Film Festival Screenplay Competition sponsored by TV One, Deadbeat Dad Rehab is about four men who are fathers to their children, but not dads. Shawn wants to see his kids, but his vengeful ex-wife wants the back child support he owes first. Tristan would rather pay out of pocket for a pair of designer sneakers than a fraction of that for his child’s winter coat. Jared is a single guy who prefers to pay child support instead of pay attention to his teenage daughter. And rounding out the crew is Pierre who just doesn’t give a damn about his son – period. After turbulence with their respective baby mamas and ex-wives force them to take definitive action, the guys sign up for Deadbeat Dad Rehab to help them get their act together. Through all the hilarity, hijinks, drama and soul-searching, the guys discover fatherhood is less about making babies, and more about making men.


Fatal Attraction

Thicker than Water

Just days away from her 21st birthday, Shikhira Dunson seemingly has it all. But when a shot rings out on a February night in Decatur, Georgia, Shikhira’s dreams turn to dust, and investigators are called upon to sort fact from fiction in the tales told by witnesses to the killing


For My Man

Alyssa Barrett/Taiana Matheny

Indiana native, Alyssa Barrett, is your typical teenager until she meets a boy that nobody approves of and when a teenage pregnancy sparks a family feud, the only way to win is to make it out alive. Then, Taiana Matheny is a party girl trying to change but when she meets a man who pulls her back into the darkness, her battle to find the light may end up destroying her.


Fatal Attraction

Jarring Jealousy

When Shadae Taylor-Brooks met Kevin Souffrant, a flame was ignited between the two of them. But their vision of happily ever after is crushed one somber spring night when Kevin is discovered shot 3 times and Shadae is shot dead in their apartment. The twisted investigation for justice that follows will lay bare the crazed heart and mind of a nefarious killer.