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Sanford & Son

Crossed Swords

Lamont buys a porcelain figure for $15 from a silent movie star and after having it appraised, Lamont and Fred decide to take it to an auction to make even more money on it. Fred and Lamont attend the auction pretending to be buyers so that the price can be jacked up higher. However, things go awry to Lamont's dismay.


Sanford & Son

Happy Birthday Pop

Lamont buys Fred a new hat for his birthday and then tries to take him out on the town to celebrate. However, a visit to a fancy bar, a movie theater to see Fiddler on the Roof and dinner at a Chinese restaurant are far from a celebration for Fred.


News One Now (Roland Martin)



The Jeffersons

Sorry, Wrong Meeting

Louise and Florence run into members of the Ku Klux Klan at the CPR class held for the tenants in the building. Meanwhile, a rash of robberies in the building prompts Tom to start a meeting with the tenants. He later gets invited to one already scheduled unknown to him it's a Ku Klux Klan meeting and he invites George to come along with him.


The Jeffersons

My Hero

George is hailed a hero after saving a woman from a mugging. However, later, George is intimidated by the mugger who threatens him which leads George to hire a personal bodyguard.


The Jeffersons

I Buy the Songs

After hearing the romantic poem, Tom wrote for Helen for Valentine's Day, Louise longs for a romantic gift. However, when George forgets Valentine's Day and offers her money as a gift, a major argument erupts. This leads George to have a love song written for her.


The Jeffersons

Small Fish, Big Pond

To get into an exclusive club, George exaggerates how many stores he owns. However, once a member of the club, George finds himself in over his head, by pledging $100 for a fountain unknown to him $100 is really $100,000.


The Jeffersons

Not So Dearly Beloved

George has had it with his obnoxious manager who's in charge of the store in the building and decides to fire him. However, in the middle of his termination, the man drops dead. Later, George must give the eulogy at his funeral but George has a hard time coming up with nice words to say.


The Jeffersons

Florence's New Job - Part 1

George is trying to win a cleaning contract at a hotel and invites Mr. Claymore, the owner over to try to get it, however, Claymore takes more of an interest in Florence and offers her a job as executive housekeeper.


The Jeffersons

Florence's New Job - Part 2

As the new executive housekeeper, Florence must do two things that she doesn't want to do, fire a maid who happens to be her friend and tell George he didn't get the cleaning contract. These deeds prompt Florence to have second thoughts about being executive housekeeper.


The Jeffersons

I've Got a Secret

When George discovers Louise is keeping a diary, he goes all out to try to read it. Including staying up all night to try to wriggle it out of Louise's clutches. However, one day when she leaves it unguarded, George takes a peek and is shocked by it's contents which detail a number of affairs that Louise appears to be carrying on.


The Jeffersons

The Separation - Part 1

Louise and George are heartbroken when they discover Lionel and Jenny are having marital problems that result in a separation. This prompts George, Louise, Helen and Tom to convene to try to get them back together.


The Jeffersons

The Separation - Part 2

Due to the separation, Lionel is living at home with George and Louise. This prompts George to trick a marriage counselor into showing up at the Jefferson's apartment for the intention of bring Lionel and Jenny back together.


Sanford & Son

Tooth or Consequences

Fred's toothache becomes an exercise in patience for Lamont when Fred refuses to see a dentist and instead tries Bubba's home remedy and a hypnotist. Finally, Fred decides to throw in the towel and visits a dentist but insists on a white dentist.


Sanford & Son

The Light Housekeeper

After Fred gets a minor injury from a car accident, Lamont and Fred seek to find a maid to help out around the house. After looking, they get what the agency has at the bottom of the barrel. However, the erratic white woman does nothing but add to Fred's pain.


Sanford & Son


Donna, Fred's fiancee, brings a patient, Osgood Wilcox over for dinner at the Sanford residence and it becomes apparent that Osgood is interested in more than just medical care from Donna. Meanwhile, Lamont encourages Fred to believe there is something going on between Osgood and Donna resulting in a confrontation.


Sanford & Son

A Guest in the Yard

Fred and Lamont find a homeless bum sleeping in a bathtub in their yard. After trying to get him to move on, he pretends that he gets hurt on their property and threatens to sue. Fred and Lamont try everything in their power to persuade him not to sue and Fred does his best to try to prove the bum is not really injured.


Sanford & Son

A House Is Not a Poolroom

For a birthday present, Lamont buys Fred a pool table. But things get out of hand when Fred invites his buddies over for some friendly games. They quickly overstay their welcome and eat and drink Fred and Lamont out of house and home. Lamont quickly regrets ever buying the pool table for Fred and tries to convince him that the house is not a pool hall.


Sanford & Son

The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection

Lamont advises Fred to donate a collection of Blind Mellow Jelly records to a music library for a tax write-off. After doing so, Fred finds out from an appraiser that the records are valued at five hundred dollars. Fred, with dollar signs in his eyes, has Bubba act as though he were the son of Blind Mellow Jelly in an attempt to get them back.


Sanford & Son

The Great Sanford Siege

Fred does not feel like paying his bills and he throws them in the trash claiming that they never arrived, dragging out the services for as long as he can. After doing so, Fred receives threats that say that they will turn off the gas, electricity, and other utilities, and repossess his furniture if he does not pay.


Sanford & Son

Libra Rising All Over Lamont

Lamont visits an astrologist and discovers he's a double Libra, thus his goal in life is for peace and decides to get along with his father at all costs. Meanwhile, Fred eats a batch of 8 day-old greens and gets sick and becomes convinced he's dying. This leads to Grady spreading the word of Fred's supposedly impending death, which draws Aunt Esther and her friends out of the woodwork.


Unsung: Hollywood

Richard Roundtree


Unsung: Hollywood

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr—The story of Mr. Entertainment, the most talented and misunderstood superstar of his time. We chronicle his remarkable career, from childhood roots in 20s vaudeville, to fame and acclaim in Vegas, movies, and beyond. A trailblazer for much of his career, opening doors and breaking barriers in clubs, on Broadway, in films and on TV, Sammy D was out-paced by the militant 60s and fell into disregard. But his comeback in the 80s cinched his legendary status as an icon of talent and cool. Interviews include May Britt, Shirley MacLaine, Obba Babatunde, and Savion Glover


Unsung: Hollywood

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt: Actress, singer, activist Eartha Kitt burst on the scene in the 1950s singing “Santa Baby” and “C’est Si Bon”. She was a pioneering presence on stage and film, and her turn as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman series brought her mainstream acclaim.



Eddie Kendricks



David Ruffin

The raspy and anguished lead voice on mega-its "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," and "I Know (I'm Losing You)," David Ruffin was the center of The Temptations in their peak years. But his expanding ego forced his bandmates to cut ties with him in 1968. And with only one significant solo hit, "My Whole World Ended," Ruffin never again reached the heights he'd enjoyed as the swoon-inducing leader of The Tempts. In private life, David was a talented, self-tortured soul, capable of kindness and generosity along with untempered anger. But drug abuse wore him down in the '70s and '80s, costing him precious opportunities to reunite with friends and former bandmates, and damaging his relationships with those closest to his heart. Less than two years after joining The Temptations onstage for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he was found dead from an apparent drug overdose at the age 50. Now, his family, friends and musical associates come together to help ‘Unsung’ portray the tumultuous life and career of a legendary singer .



Tammi Terrell



Mary Wells

Before The Supremes, Marvin Gaye or The Temptations, Mary Wells was Motown’s reigning star. Signed to the label at age 17, she had instant success with Smokey Robinson songs like “You Beat Me to the Punch”, “Two Lovers” and “My Guy”, making her the first artist to bring Motown a Grammy nomination, and garnering an invitation to tour with The Beatles, at the height of their own success. Then in a stunning move, Mary walked away from the label in a dispute over money just as her career was peaking, the first major artist to leave Motown. Never able to recapture the success she experienced there, her world came crashing down on and off stage, before she ultimately succumbed to throat cancer at the age of 49. Now, Mary’s close friends, music associates and children come together to provide an intimate look at her life and career, detailing the emotional toll of her fall from the top, and her controversial romances with two Womack brothers that drove both families apart. Twenty years after her passing, “Unsung” finally turns back the spotlight on Motown’s forgotten Queen.


James Brown: Man, Music...

James Brown: Man, Music...


A Different World

Breaking up Is Hard to Do

Dwayne proposes to Suzanne and is turned down, so he turns to Whitley for advice. Jaleesa pulls a prank on Walter, which backfires.


A Different World

For She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage

Whitley's mother thinks she should focus on finding a man rather than academics. Freddie implements a recycling program on campus.


A Different World

It's Greek to Me

Dwayne and Ron try to join a fraternity and ask Whitley to find out what their chances are from a member that has a crush on her.


For My Man

Cheari Edwards/Vernell Jones

Philadelphia, PA native Vernell Jones falls for a man with an insane jealous streak and together they hunt down his competition - one ex-boyfriend at a time. In Virginia Beach, VA, Cheari Edwards is used to getting her way, so she joins forces with her boyfriend in a killer plan to make quick cash.


For My Man

Annette Williams/Krystal Donoho

When single mother, Annette Williams’ man wants a child she can’t give him, the thought of losing him sends her into a homicidal tailspin. Then, Krysta Donoho is a fool in lust but when her nefarious Romeo demands that she prove her worth, her money making scheme derails and they wind up in the middle of a harrowing nightmare.