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Eddie Kendricks



David Ruffin

The raspy and anguished lead voice on mega-its "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," and "I Know (I'm Losing You)," David Ruffin was the center of The Temptations in their peak years. But his expanding ego forced his bandmates to cut ties with him in 1968. And with only one significant solo hit, "My Whole World Ended," Ruffin never again reached the heights he'd enjoyed as the swoon-inducing leader of The Tempts. In private life, David was a talented, self-tortured soul, capable of kindness and generosity along with untempered anger. But drug abuse wore him down in the '70s and '80s, costing him precious opportunities to reunite with friends and former bandmates, and damaging his relationships with those closest to his heart. Less than two years after joining The Temptations onstage for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he was found dead from an apparent drug overdose at the age 50. Now, his family, friends and musical associates come together to help ‘Unsung’ portray the tumultuous life and career of a legendary singer .


Good Times

The Hustle

Florida is in a terrible mood, and takes it out on the kids, yelling at them to get the chores done. A cheerful Willona stops in and makes the announcement that she's off for a relaxing weekend in Lake Geneva. After hearing this, the kids go into the underwear selling business in order to raise enough money to send Florida on a much needed vacation to Lake Geneva.


Good Times

A Friend in Need

When Florida's away for the weekend, J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party and try to keep it from Willona, who is keeping an eye on them while their mother is away. However, the party gets even wilder than they had dreamed of when one of the guests takes an overdose of sleeping pills and J.J. has to keep him from falling asleep to save his life.


Good Times

A Stormy Relationship

Michael has gotten a part-time job working for Carl Dixon at his repair shop. However, Florida is horrified to learn that Michael is harboring atheist attitudes planted by his boss. This leads Florida to confront Michael's boss and get to the bottom of the situation.


Good Times

Florida and Carl

J.J., Thelma, Michael and Willona are all excited with the prospects of Florida beginning to date. However, Florida is reluctant to dive into the dating pool but agrees to go on a date with Carl Dixon. Once at the restaurant, she gets into an argument with him when they receive terrible service leading to him walking out.


Good Times

Thelma's African Romance - Part 1

Thelma and her college friends are having a meeting to decide what to do about the school cafeteria, but things come to a head when the African exchange student, Ibe, starts making sexist remarks about "woman's work". They finally agree to have a picket, but on the day of the picket, the assistant dean ends up them suspending Thelma. Meanwhile, Thelma and Ibe begin seeing each other, resulting in Ibe asking her to move in with him.


Good Times

Thelma's African Romance - Part 2

Florida hits the roof when Thelma announces her plans of moving in with Ibe. However, things begin moving a little bit too fast when Ibe asks her to marry him and move to Nigeria. At first Thelma is all for it, despite, Florida insisting that she take time and go slow, but when Thelma discovers she may become part of a harem, she has second thoughts.


Good Times

Cross-Town Buses Run All Day

Michael has the chance to be bused to a better school in a white neighborhood but he is determined to get out of it. Florida and James first hear about the opportunity when his principal arrives to question them about their responses on a busing questionnaire that Michael responded to and forged his parents' names.


Good Times

Man I Admire the Most

Michael must write an essay on the person whom he most admires. He first picks Florida for her strength and effort in keeping the family together. However, Florida points out that James may be the best person. However, James' recent actions in applying for a new job leave little to be admired.


Good Times

Thelma's Scholarship

Thelma has a chance at winning a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school in Michigan. However, even before she knows she won, a snobby girl from a fraternity comes around wanting Thelma to join and quickly discovers they just want her because she's black.


Good Times

Love in the Ghetto

Thelma has great news, she's engaged to her latest boyfriend, but she's nervous about breaking the news to James and Florida. Later, her opinion of great news differs greatly with her parents who hit the roof after learning this, and in a surprise move, J.J. is on Thelma's side.


Good Times

Too Old Blues

James is all excited because he's sure he's going to get a high paying job. However, at the interview, he learns that he's too old to join the company's union. Meanwhile, Florida and the kids get ahead of themselves and throw a celebration party for James unaware that he was rejected.


Good Times

Sweet Daddy Williams

J.J. has been commissioned by a number's runner, Sweet Daddy Williams, to paint the portrait of his girlfriend, Savannah. In return, J.J. will get his own "one man show." However, pretty soon, Sweet Daddy's influence becomes too much for Florida and James to take and try to encourage J.J. to turn Sweet Daddy's offers down. But soon, things take a turn, when Savannah gets a look at J.J.'s painting of her.


Good Times

The Family Business

Realizing his mechanical skills, Florida suggests that James open a fix-it shop but when they go to the bank, they're turned down for a loan. This leads James to set up shop right in the apartment, despite a clause in the lease and pretty soon Bookman begins nosing around trying to put an end to the family business.


Good Times

A Real Cool Job

After taking some courses at a trade school, James has graduated and now has a chance at getting better paying jobs. However, James soon, finds that he's still in the same old situation, of having a hard time finding work period. So, when he is finally offered a job, he accepts it despite the fact that there is one catch, it's in Alaska.


Good Times

The House Guest

A childhood friend of James' arrives for a visit and quickly his gambling problem becomes an Evans family problem when two hoods show up looking for him to pay off a $5000 debt. Meanwhile, with a houseguest, J.J., Michael and James must learn to share the pull out couch in the living room.


Good Times

The Debutante Ball

J.J. is enchanted with his new girlfriend, Clarissa, and is all set to take her to a ritzy debutante ball. However, Clarissa has come to the Evans' apartment with some bad news, her parents won't let her go with J.J., citing that they think she's too good for him.


Sanford & Son

The Surprise Party

Fred returns from his extended trip to St. Louis and Lamont, Donna, Aunt Esther, Bubba, Rollo and Grady have planned a surprise party for his return. Fred no more than steps in the door and Aunt Esther and him are at each other's throats. However, the real problem comes when Fred does some eavesdropping on Lamont and Grady.


Sanford & Son

My Kingdom for a Horse

Fred makes a deal and buys a horse with a great racing history. Fred tries to get the animal to breed so that he can have a lot of money making champions hoofing and stomping around the place. However, there is just one problem Fred must overcome, the horse he bought is a gelding, which has Lamont saying "I told you so" to yet another one of Fred's moneymaking schemes.


Sanford & Son

Home Sweet Home

A Japanese land development company wants to buy out the neighborhood with plans to build a brewery in the area. Fred, holding out gets bitten by greed. Fred's greed is disguised as a "heartwarming" sentimentality and he's using it to squeeze as much money as he can get out of the developer.


Sanford & Son

Sanford & Niece

Fred has a romantic night planned with Donna but Aunt Esther drops in at the last moment with some news, her niece, Elizabeth is in town and she wants Fred to have her stay with him. Fred is against the idea at first but when he takes one look at her he agrees, she is the spitting image of his late-wife, Elizabeth. However, there is another problem. Elizabeth is planning to move into an apartment in town and she will have two roommates, one female and the other male.


Sanford & Son

Strange Bedfellows

Lamont's politically involved girlfriend stresses involvement in the community's problems. This leads Lamont to phone into a radio talk show to express his views. Positive reaction leads to Lamont deciding to run for state assembly. But Fred soon finds out that this means that Lamont may move to Sacramento and leave the junk business.


Sanford & Son

Julio and Sister and Nephew

Julio's sister and nephew, Carlotta and Roberta, are coming for a visit and Julio has a problem, they are allergic to his pet goat, Chico. Thus, Julio asks Fred and Lamont if it would be okay for them to stay with them. Against the idea at first, Fred quickly softens to them and becomes involved with a problem that Roberto is dealing with at school.


Sanford & Son

The Merger

Julio has gotten tired of the junk business and that's when Lamont comes up with an idea, Sanford & Son Salvage should merge with Julio's business. Julio goes for the idea but Fred is against it, but they merge anyway to form Sanford & Fuentes Salvage. However, everyone soon realizes the consequences attached to such a decision.


Sanford & Son

Tower Power

After Lamont's friend Sandra takes Fred and Lamont to an art museum, Fred finds out that he can make art out of the junk in his pile. Thus, Fred begins the creation that will convey his legacy for eternity. However, the final result is far from an artistic masterpiece and Lamont has to decide how to break the news to his proud father.


Sanford & Son

My Brother-in-Law's Keeper

Fred cleans the house from top to bottom and Lamont is stunned. Then he learns the reason: Fred's baby sister, Frances is visiting to announce her engagement. Fred is excited, but he soon finds her fiance, Rodney is white.


Sanford & Son

The Masquerade Party

The cast appears on Wheel and Deal, hosted by Harry Monty.


Sanford & Son

Golden Boy

Fred's friend, Yerby is the manager of a champion boxer, Junior Joe Louis. Fred goes in and buys half ownership. Fred then begins training the boxer for an upcoming fight but soon runs into trouble. For Junior is pulled from the fight because of to Fred's stubbornness.


Sanford & Son

The Stand-In

Lamont comes home one evening and discovers Fred preparing a gourmet dinner and learns it's to celebrate the arrival of an old friend of Fred's, Bowlegs, a musician, who's visiting. Bowlegs' act is to be put on at a nightclub but when his partner strains his back, Fred and Lamont must fill in to fulfill the nightclub's requirements.


Sanford & Son

The Headache

Lamont has had a chronic headache for three days and isn't sure what's causing it. A doctor suggests that Lamont consult a psychiatrist since the cause may be stress. Once at the psychiatrist's office, the doctor determines that Fred is the cause of Lamont's headaches.


Sanford & Son

The Older Woman

Lamont has been in a daze around the house, singing songs and incredibly cheerful to everyone he talks to. Grady and Fred deduce that the boy must be in love. Fred learns that Lamont is on the verge of proposing marriage to one particular girl who works at a dress shop. So he goes down to meet her and is in for a shock, since the girl turns out to be a woman at least ten years older than Lamont.


Sanford & Son

The Stung

Lamont has Julio, Rollo and another buddy over for a poker game and Fred has had it with their gambling. Meanwhile, an old friend of Fred's, Al Banks, a professional gambler, stops by for a visit and this gives Fred an idea on how to teach Lamont and his friends a lesson. However, the lesson goes awry and Al runs out with the cash.


Sanford & Son

The Family Man

Grady decides it's time for a change and moves out of Watts and into fashionable Westwood to live with his daughter, Ellie, her husband Hal, and their two children, Laurie and Haywood. As a housewarming gift, Grady purchases an oil painting to hang over their fireplace. However, the painting he chooses proves to be quite distasteful.



Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story

From homeless teenager to struggling singer to R&B royalty, Miki Howard’s journey was paved with abuse, betrayal, heartache and a desperate search for love — a search that ends ultimately in a triumphant victory that is both incredible and inspiring.



Gerald Levert

Crowned by fans as ‘the last soul singer,’ Gerald Levert was one of the preeminent forces of ‘80’s and 90’s r&b. He took his pedigree from his father, Eddie Levert, of the mighty O’Jays, and while still a teenager, formed his own singing group, LeVert , with Marc Gordon and his younger brother Sean, that dominated the charts. Thanks to infectious hits like “Casanova” and “(Pop Pop Pop Pop ) Goes My Mind,” LeVert scored four straight gold records and five chart-topping singles; from there Gerald launched a formidable solo career, including a duet with his father, “Baby Hold on to Me,” which also hit number one. But Gerald could never find contentment in his many achievements, and remained driven to top himself throughout his career - a journey which ended tragically with his untimely death at the age of forty. Now, family, friends and musical admirers come together for this special portrait of a modern ‘Unsung’ legend.


Fatal Attraction

Death by Secrets

A beautiful nursing student is found shot to death inside her car. But this young lady isn't exactly what she seems, and soon detectives are knee deep in uncharted investigative territory, where sexual secrets explode with deadly consequences.


For My Man

Tkeisha Gilmer/Brandy Holmes

Misguided teen T’Keisha Gilmer is relieved when she’s taken in by an older man. But when a road trip to Lanham, Maryland promises quick cash, she learns just how steep the price of love really is. And in Shreveport, Louisiana, Brandy Holmes teams up with a criminal bad boy to prove her deadly devotion.