Unsung: Sylvester Revisited

    Sylvester was openly gay and the undisputed king and queen of disco. But the AIDS epidemic of the 80s halted his rise to fame and eventually claimed his life. Unsung paid tribute to this ground-breaking star.

    Unsung: Zapp & Roger Revisited

    Zapp’s brand of funk brought black, white and brown fans to the dance floor, while Roger Troutman’s talk box brought the band huge success with hits like “Computer Love.” But a tragic family dispute would alter the band’s fortunes forever.

    Unsung: Full Force Revisited

    The 80s R&B group Full Force may be more known for their role as producers, launching Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, rather than for their own music. Unsung goes behind-the-scenes to tell the story of this prolific musical family.