Shawndell McLeod Case Theories

    When Shawndell McLeod doesn’t show up for dinner at her mother’s house her family knows something is wrong. What do you think really happened? Share your case theory now.

    Athena Curry Case Theories

    At the age of 21, Athena Curry disappears after an argument with her boyfriend and the love of her life, her son, is left behind. What do you think really happened? Share your case theories now.

    Kelly Allen Case Theories

    A 20-year old woman goes missing from a friend’s apartment in St. Louis, Missouri but 5 years later a cousin thinks he sees her on a train. Is it her? Share your case theories now!

    Asha Degree Case Theories

    A loving, athletic girl named Asha Degree goes missing from her home in Shelby, NC on Valentine’s Day. Share your theory on what you think happened.

    Larry Stackhouse Jr. Case Theories

    Larry loved basketball and he went to watch a local game as he did a million times before. But for whatever reason, he didn’t return home. Did he become an urban legend? Share your case theories.