Nadja Alaya

    Belle’s youngster Pam might be the smartest in the family! Not your average kid, she’s more grown up than the actual adults. Meet actress Nadja Alaya now.

    Miquel Nunez

    Miquel Nunez loves the ladies as his character Maurice in TV One’s new show Belle’s. Find out more now!

    Ella Joyce

    Veteran actress Ella Joyce cooks as head chief Aunt Gladys Crawford on TV One’s new show Belle’s. Learn more about her role.

    Tami Roman

    Meet Tami Roman’s character Loreta Copper on TV One’s new show Belle’s and learn more about her rise to television fame.

    Elise Neal

    Belle’s soul food restaurant manager is Jil Cooper, played by the beautiful and talented Elise Neal. Find out more about her career and character.

    Keith David

    Keith David joins the cast of TV One’s Belle’s as Big Bill Cooper. Learn about his career and character.

    Season One Episodes

    TV One’s new show Belle’s is serving up laughs from their family soul food restaurant. Find out more about each episode here!

    About The Show

    TV One’s new show Belle’s is hotter than your favorite soul food dish! Learn about the cast and show here.