Angela Winbush


When Angela Winbush came on the scene in the 1980s, she brought not only a powerful sultry voice infused with gospel roots, but also a versatile self-contained songwriting and producing talent at a time when few females, and even fewer African American females, were producing records at all. As one-half of Rene & Angela, and as a solo artist, she sold over ten million albums and singles worldwide. With a multi-octave voice heavily rooted in the church, this former member of Stevie Wonder’s band Wonderlove developed a strong desire to control the creativity of her music, and the talent to back it up.  While writing a string of hits for herself, she also wrote and produced for a range of artists including Janet Jackson, Stephanie Mills and the Isley Brothers.  Along with all the musical highs, Angela faced dramatic challenges along the way: the breakup of a prolific partnership with Rene Moore, bitter lawsuits over music copyrights, a celebrity marriage and divorce from R&B icon Ron Isley, and a high-stakes battle with ovarian cancer. Through it all, she has used her church roots to maintain a fearless spirit that has carried her through.

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