Deceived: About The Show



Taking a cue from recent headlines of  love gone wrong, TV One delves into the lives of victims who have fallen prey to con artists and thieves when new series Deceived, premieres Monday, March 25, 9/8C.  This 60 minute docu-drama series tells the real-life stories of men and women who have been betrayed by someone they trusted.   through the victims’ testimony, re-enactments, and interviews with close family members and friends. Using a combination of interviews, re-creations and stock footage, each episode is a riveting narrative of abused trust and final justice.

The series features clever cons and perpetrating acts of betrayal, theft and murder in a way may will probably have you questioning how much you actually know about your very own friends and loved ones. 

Using interviews with prominent re-occuring criminal psychologists and detectives, each episode takes viewers through three specific stages of deception: the set-up, the deceit, and finally, the resolution. 

Don’t miss the season premiere of TV One’s latest docu-series, DeceivedTune in Monday, March 25  at 9/8C.

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